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Lord Doors are designed and built to surpass and answer the demanding needs for SECURITY FOR THE AGE WE LIVE IN. Lord Series of Door offer high resistance against Burglaries and Fire. And are ideally suited for Banks, Financial Institutions, Jewellers and other end users.

Lord Security Door - Pic (30189 bytes)The increased sophistication in burglary techniques and the everpresent hazard of fire in business premises have necessitated the need for stronger systems for your cash, valuables and important documents.

Lord Security Doors are specially designed to fulfil this role. Robustly built to withstand attacks from burglars using mechanical tools and positively insulated for optimum fire resistance, Lord Security Doors feature design innovations that make them more dependable.

Lord Security Doors are available in various thickness ranging from 1/2" (13mm) Bookroom Door To 4 1/2" (114mm) LSM vault doors incorporating different protection thickness & locking mechanism.

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Available as an optional unit at extra cost, the Lord Grille Gate is finished in high quality paints or full steel finish and fitted with one or two measure of security when installed together with the door. The slam-shut action plus sturdy construction provide sufficient protection and convenience in day time use.

pic3.gif (7831 bytes)Construction
Door structure consists of a press-formed steel plate casing with reinforced front steel slab that varies in thickness according to door type. This forms an effective barrier that offers high resistance against mechanical tools and drill attacks. In addition, all locking components are protected by drill resistant steel plate.
Heavy duty hinges reinforced with hardened steel, precisely pivot the door to the frame. Larger and broader than conventional versions, the hinges are structurally well protected against all forms of attack from mechanical tools.


pic1.gif (13350 bytes)Boltwork
The boltwork comprises 8 heavy steel sliding bolts along the hinge edge, each measuring min. 1 1/8". The bolts are precision engineered to fit into the recesses of the door frame to offer a single, uniform protective system, wherever the strongroom wall is constructed according to recommended specifications.
pic4.gif (15954 bytes)Automatic Deadlocking Mechanism
Mounted behind the solid steel slab is the Lord deadlocking mechanism. In the event of an attack it is immediately activated and deadlocks the bolt-work, rendering entry impossible.
pic2.gif (15812 bytes)Locking Systems
A three-wheel combination lock plus a 6 lever or Bilock key lock provide tight security. The easy to operate combination lock comprises one million codes which can be altered at anytime.

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