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Lord Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets are designed and built to surpass and answer the demanding need for SECURITY FOR THE AGE WE LIVE IN.

It is common knowledge that thieves may be selective in their activities  but fire attacks regardless of value or replacebility. The sorry Statistics are that two out of three businesses affected by a major fire simply do not recover totally from the losses of important records and documents.

LORD Series of RD, RF and RX Cabinets provide safe, easily accessible storage for vital documents and records, are widely used by Banks and Business Institutions.

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RD Series Locking System :
  • Dual Locking System is secured by means of a three-wheel keyless combination lock capable of 1,000,000 combination which can easily be altered by the users in addition to a keylock.
  • The boltwork system is designed to enable each door to be independently secured to the body.

RF Series Locking System :

  • Master Locking (Gang Locking)
  • The master locking device will lock all drawers securely with the use of a keylock with or without a 3 wheel keyless combination lock.
  • Each drawer could however has its own 'Flip-lever' at its side to enable discriminatory allocation of the drawers.
  • Option has been designed to allow each drawer to be additionally secured by a keylock.

RX Series  :

  • Either Master Locking System similar to the RF Series or each drawer individually secured by a keylock. The top drawer can have the option to be additionally secured by a 3-wheel keyless combination lock.
General Features :
  • Extra-wide storage space and light weight. Due to the special barrier material used for lining, considerable weight has been saved making it suitable to install in high-rise buildings.
  • The reinforced construction of cabinets provide additional protection in the event of high impact from falling objects.
  • The plinth is specially constructed to withstand heavy impact of a high drop in the event of floor collapse during a major fire.

Fire Resistant Cabinets - Pic (33390 bytes)The Real Test
These photographs were taken after a massive fire have reduced a showroom cum workshop of a leading motor company in the heart of capital city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The building was completely destroyed and reduced to rubble and twisted metal, but a LORD 3-Drawer Fire Resistance cabinet suffered only damage to paintwork and stood undestroyed. The contents in the cabinet was opened after the fire on June 30th 1986.

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