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Lord Safe Deposit Boxes offer a unique combination of maximum security with hand-in-hand practicality and beauty. They are created by highly trained and experienced designers, utilising the latest and most advances of safe-making technology, incorporating the revolutionary Sargent & Greenleaf 4540 Series Double Changeable Lock.

Lord's flexible assembly design, resulting form its variety of box sizes, offers versatile vault layout and utility. And Lord's custom-built manual laminated stainless steel gives each and every Lord Safety Box a sparkling finish that reflects security, practically and reliability.

Safe Deposit Box Lock
Lord Safe Deposit Boxes are secured by the revolutionary Sargent & Greenleaf 4540 Series Double Changeable Lock. This unique system allows quick and easy changeability in less than two minutes on both renter's and guardian's keys without disassembly or removal of the lock. Furthermore, it gives a choice of one million possible variations.

Their centreline positioning keyways allow both right and left mounting. This Sargent & Greenleaf 4540 Series Double Changeable Lock is listed in the Underwriters Laboratories Listing and they are available in nickel or brass finish.


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Lord Vault Doors

The Lord Safe Deposit Network main entrance is secured by a Lord vault door similar to that found on a Lord G3 which is listed as TRTL 30 X 6 in the Underwriters Laboratory's listing. This vault door employs an indirect drive combination lock with 100,000,000 code variations. The advantage of this indirect drive system is that access to the lock is not possible even when the spindle is drilled off. On top of this it has an Automatic Deadlocking Mechanism that deadlocks the 18-bolt boltwork in the event of an attack. Incorporated in the vault door design is the Lord Safe Company of Australia's new alloy, Millalloy, which can resist explosives, acetylene torches and even diamond core drills. Lord's vault doors come in a choice of colours to suit your decor.

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Lord designers have taken into consideration emergency situations as well when designing LORD Vaultroom. Two aspects in this design is the inclusion of Emergency Vault Doors and Emergency Breathing Tube Filled with TDR Material - most conveniently located yet without weakening the overall strength of the vault.

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