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Lord Safes are designed and built to surpass and answer the demanding needs for SECURITY FOR THE AGE WE LIVE IN. Lord Series of Safe offer high resistance against Burglaries and Fire. And are ideally suited for Banks, Financial Institutions, Jewellers and other end users for storage of large sum of Cash, Valuables, Securities and Documents.

In each Series of Safes there are at least Four (4) sizes to choose from to suit individual business requirements.

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  • This allows 24 hour deposit of money, valuables & documents through a deposit trap without requiring the presence of an authorized person who has access to the combination lock numbers, digital locks and/or keylocks.
  • Different models & designs are available depending on the level of security the customer requires.


  • Principally for the storage of fire arms, guns & ammunition.
  • With practical ready built-in gun racks for organized storage.


  • For vehicles on the move such as security/armoured vehicles, mobile banking vans etc.


  • For various applications such as ATM machines, Automatic cash deposit machines etc.

The Lord group undertakes OEM & custom built items to high quality standards.

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Combination Lock
Easy to operate and capable of one million code change, changeable at will by the end users.
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Either a two or three movement mechanical Time-Lock System can be fitted on request to the larger sizes of safes in all the series to enable the end users to preset the opening time of the safe. This will ensure not only any opening of the safe under duress but also provides ultimate security overnight, on long weekends and on holidays.
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More than 16,000,000 (sixteen million) key variation. Two side bars in the lock cylinder provide the highest form of pick-resistance. The Dual Bladed Key gives excellent registered key protection.
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Lord Safe door is resistant
to oxyacetylene attack.

Oxyacetylene easily cuts
through steel slab.

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Superior burglar and fire resistance is obtained from denser body thickness and greater strength with the encasement on all sides with Titanite, the special Lord Safe barrier material with proven resistance to high speed drills, oxyacestylene attacks and mechanical tools.

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